Southampton Boat Show is getting underway which must mean its getting near the end of the summer season. Maybe you are thinking of upgrading to a larger boat or maybe its just time for a change. Whatever the reason for selling your boat, Boatshed Dartmouth and Brixham can help sell your boat with a pro-active and professional full brokerage service.

What does that actually mean?
Our competitors may try to persuade you that we are just internet brokers. We certainly maximise all the technology that the internet offers however we also manage the whole sale and purchase process as testimonials like this show:
“I’m extremely satisfied with the way Mr Singer handled the whole transaction. He made the process very transparent and uncomplicated – exactly the way anyone would want it! Very helful and friendly.” Tiago, 'Family Fortune'

This year has seen the secondhand boat market thrive most likely as a result of the better weather and the economy picking up. After a great summer season that has seen Boatshed Dartmouth and Brixham’s sales figures burst through the £2.5m mark we now have buyers actively looking for boats and relatively low stocks. The overseas market has been active again in 2013 with sales completing to France, Malta, Scandinavia, Canada and even one to the Falkland Islands! Prices are remaining consistent with sales achieving 15-20% off the asking price.

What makes Boatshed Dartmouth and Brixham Different?
To put it bluntly - we work actively to sell your boat. We do not rely on buyers ‘chancing’ on us or browsing a window display. Instead we use a whole range of tools to actively reach out to our customers. Behind the pretty front face of Boatshed sits a sophisticated suite of technology that has amassed over 500,000 registered customers and their requirements. As needed we can mine this database and reach out with professional, targeted email campaigns to those customers looking for your type of boat. And with over 2000 boats for sale we have plenty for our customers to choose from.

Yachtworld and Social Media - Even More Attention
In order to capture overseas buyers, boats can also be listed on Yachtworld opening up yet another huge database of buyers. But it does not stop there as we use a range of social media that entices customers to come and view the largest selection of boat photographs per boat (we can take up to 80 photos of every boat) as well as informative YouTube video. At Boatshed Dartmouth and Brixham we use Twitter, Facebook and Blogger and to present the photos we use sites like Flickr, YouTube and Tumblr. Rich, useful and informative content sells boats and it works with some boats selling this season within days of being listed for sale.

Boatshed Dartmouth are proud to be members of the British Marine Federation and adhere to the BMF Code of Practice

Thinking of Selling Your Boat?
Boatshed Dartmouth can help you prepare your boat for sale and can have it on the market within days available to Boatshed’s own database of over 600,000 registered users.